SkIDentity offers “!”

[Michelau, August 10th 2018] The countdown to the start of the EU-wide recognition of electronic identification means (eID) is entering its hot phase. From September 29th 2018 on, in exactly 50 days, the German eID card (Personalausweis), which has been notified on level of assurance "high" last year, will be recognized electronically in all EU Member States. To facilitate the eID usage across Europe, SkIDentity now offers “!”.[more]


ecsec enables German eID card for electronic signatures

[Berlin, March 22nd 2018] Within the scope of today‘s “eIDAS Summit“, taking place at the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, ecsec has presented an important innovation: From now on the German electronic Identity (eID) card, commonly known as “Personalausweis”, can not only be used for strong authentication and highly secure identification, but also for the generation of advanced electronic signatures in compliance with relevant European and international standards.[more]


SkIDentity enables eIDAS and provides cross-border service for strong authentication and identification

[Berlin, September 20th 2017] The multiple awarded and certified SkIDentity Service ( today has activated the necessary functionality for the imple-mentation of the eIDAS-Regulation and now enables strong authentication and identification with various international identification documents in cross-border processes. [more]


European Commission provides CEF eSignature Trusted List Browser

(2017/07/06) The European Commission announced the launch of the CEF eSignature Trusted List Browser, which is a web application, available online and hosted by the European Commission, enabling anyone to browse Europe's Trusted Lists and look for available trust services in Europe.


Open Banking releases payments initiation API for UK bank data sharing

(2017/07/05) Open Banking, the UK bank-funded entity mandated by the Competition and Markets Authority to provide new ways for customers to share their financial data with non-bank providers, has released version 1.0.0. of their Access-to-Account-API specification for accounts and transaction information and payments initiation

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