eIDAS Cooperation Network publishes opinion on German eID

(2017/07/04) The eIDAS Cooperation Network is of the opinion that the German eID scheme to be notified meets the requirements of Article 7, Articles 8(1)-(2) for assurance level “high” and 12(1) of the eIDAS Regulation and Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/1502.


Towards GDPR, eIDAS and PSD2 as a Service

(2017/07/04) During EEMA’s 30th Annual Conference, experts from ecsec outline the path “Towards GDPR, eIDAS and PSD2 as a Service”.


ecsec provides “eIDAS-Map” and invites you to explore the “eIDAS-Ecosystem”

[Michelau, June 28th 2017] The eIDAS portal at http://eID.AS, which was created within the scope of the EU-funded FutureTrust project, was extended today by an important functionality. Now there is an interactive “eIDAS-Map” which allows to explore the “eIDAS-Ecosystem” and provides up-to-date information with respect to the trust service providers, which are currently active in the European market. [more]


Presentations for ETSI Security Week now available for download

(2017/06/16): This year's ETSI Security Week addressed among other topics aspects related to the implementation of the eIDAS-Ecosystem as a whole and in particular the Electronic Registered Delivery Services. The presentations are now available for download.


ETSI SR 019 510 released

(2017/06/06): ETSI released the Special Report SR 019 510 which provides a study for long-term data preservation (including preservation of/with digital signatures). The report covers two main cases. On the one hand the preservation of the validity status of the digital signatures and of the associated signed data and on the other hand the preservation of the integrity of bits of digital objects, whether they are signed or not, using digital signature techniques.


Secure Login for Trusted Cloud Services with German electronic identity card using SkIDentity

[Michelau, June 07th 2017] In accordance with the cyber security strategy of the Federal Government and the relevant recommendations of the Federal Office for Information Security, German eID Card (“Personalausweis”) can now be used with SkIDentity for secure login at the Trusted Cloud Portal ( [more]


CEF eSignature DSS Now Compliant with eIDAS

(2017/04/20): The European Commission announced the release of version 5.0 of the Digital Signature Services (DSS) open-source library of the eSignature building block, supported by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). DSS is an open-source library supporting the creation and validation of electronic signatures in line with the eIDAS Regulation No 910/2014 and related ETSI standards for advanced electronic signatures (CAdES, PAdES, XAdES and ASiC). The new version in particular supports the validation of qualified electronic signatures in line with the draft of ETSI 119 172-4.

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