FutureTrust releases eIDAS-Portal to kick-off “EU Student eCard” and demonstrators for eMandates, eInvoices and eApostilles

[Brussels, 14th of November 2019] The EU-funded FutureTrust project today has released the eIDAS-Portal (https://eID.AS/portal), which allows all German Universities to combine academic and national identities in order to issue trustworthy certificates for the envisioned EU Student eCard, and further demonstrators for eMandates, eInvoices and eApostilles.[more]


go.eIDAS establishes formal association and welcomes additional partners

[Brussels, 2019/11/06] The go.eIDAS-Initiative, which was initiated by leading European non-profit associations, projects and expert organisations to support the broad adoption of eID and trust services according to the eIDAS-Regulation in Europe and beyond, has reached an important milestone with the formal establishment of the non-profit “go.eIDAS-Association” and the launch of first working groups, which foster the prospering and sustainable development of the envisioned “eIDAS-Ecosystem”.[more]


FutureTrust releases Signature Generation & Sealing Service (SigS) and Validation Service (ValS)

[Brussels, 19th of September 2019] Within the scope of its piloting phase, the EU-funded FutureTrust project today has released two important trust service components at The Signature Generation & Sealing Service (SigS) allows to create electronic signatures and seals in standardised formats using a large variety of signature or seal creation devices and the comprehensive Validation Service (ValS) can be used to validate electronic signatures, seals, certificates and evidence records.[more]


EU project FutureTrust enters piloting phase

[Brussels, 30th of July 2019] An important milestone was reached today in the EU-funded FutureTrust project, which actively supports the practical implementation of the eIDAS-Regulation. The public FutureTrust piloting portal is now available at, where the most important innovations developed in this project are presented and made available for public use. [more]


Deutsche Post AG integrates BSI-certified Open eCard technology into POSTIDENT App

[Michelau, 27th of March 2019] Deutsche Post AG has joined the Open eCard Community. The leading German logistics company has integrated the recently certified Open eCard Library from the ecsec GmbH in order to enable the highly secure and mobile identification with the German eID card “Personalausweis” directly within the POSTIDENT App. As a result, the electronic identification can now be carried out conveniently within the smartphone.[more]


BSI certifies world's first Open Source "eID-Kernel" according to BSI TR-03124

[Michelau, March 22, 2019] It has been accomplished – ecsec GmbH proudly presents its certificate for Open eCard Version 1.3 received from the German Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, BSI). The so-called "Open eCard Library" is thus not only the worldwide first Open Source "eID-Kernel" for Android, but also the first and currently the only eID-Kernel certified by the BSI according to the Technical Guideline TR-03124 (eID-Client), which is available freely available as Open Source. The certificate, which has been issued without deficiencies in the conformity assessment report, is valid until 21st of February 2024.[more]


identity AG goes eIDAS based on Open eCard

[Michelau, 8th of January 2019] Open technologies for electronic identities (eID) and trust services according to the eIDAS-Regulation are enjoying increasing popularity. With identity Trust Management AG, the growing Open eCard Community has now gained another prominent supporter.[more]

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